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"free" music download from Calabash Music. (You have to have an account to download.) This comes via the LinkTV store. LinkTV is a non-profit with excellent world music programming, so this is worth a check-out.


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Jake Shimabukuro, ukeleleJake Shimabukuro

You know how sometimes you walk into a store, the kind of a store that ought not have music in it, no CDs, nothing like that - and you see a $1 CD and just want to know how it sounds?

Hmm. Well, maybe not. But that is exactly how I stumbled across Jake Shimabukuro, ukelele player. Incredible, amazing, stunning, wonderful. If you hear "ukelele" and scoff or shrug, then PLEASE go to his web site and see one of his videos. Go now.

Here are some of his recordings.

CD MP3 download

From Gently Weeps:

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Ave Maria

Beyond The Break (Music from the TV network THE N "Beyond the Break")

From Dragon:

Dragon (4:06)

En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor(5:03)

Shake It Up! (2:59)