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Web Sites, Domain Names, URLs, Web Hosts, DNS -
What does it all mean?

You'd like to have a web site, maybe, but it's hard to know for sure, and even harder to know what component parts make up a web site. What's really necessary? How do all those parts fit together? What does it all mean?

If you know how to look up a phone number and dial a phone, you can understand this.

Your Web Site Parts -
Domain Names, URLs, Web Hosts, DNS - What They Are, and What You Need

This 6-page download explains with plain, understandable language and illustrations how the parts fit together to create what we fondly call "your web site."

Download it for free right here:
Web Site Parts PDF

Then, if it was worth $5 to you, come back and purchase it through the purchase link below - this gets you the print-resolution version, and lets me know that it helped someone.

(If it's totally not worth it, write me and tell me what would make it better:)


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web sites demystified - domain names, hosting, url, what it means
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