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Small, niche, microbusiness entrepreneurs: thinking of giving your business the gift of a web site? Start here to prepare to talk with a developer.

Thinking of creating a site or rebuilding your current site? Ask yourself these questions (updated 9/28/2009).

Confused by the web site terminology - domain name, URL, web host, etc.? Wonder no more! Domain, hosts and URLs demystified here!.

Movies, music and books - New books on the US Constitution by Akhil Reed Amar. Music: Jake Shimabukuro - ukelele! And world music from LinkTV!

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You know those voices inside your head? Well, they have a web site now: check out the Board of Mis-Directors, now with Free Horoscopes...

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Looking for an unusual t-shirt with a meaningful yet wacky design? Try Raging Magma Life or Omei Eaglerider's A Tilted View.

Blue Mountains Productions LLC specializes in providing web site design and other computing technology assistance for unique and niche businesses.

For small businesses it can be - or, at least seem - challenging to find the resources to take advantage of technology, even when the benefits are clear.

Our goal is to provide affordable assistance, to bring the delights of web sites, custom graphics, typesetting, internet-based publicity and automation within reach of small, interesting, important businesses.

You'll see, if you browse our client sites and this site, that we willingly enter into simplicity as well as complexity in web site design and other computing technology, while striving to maintain clarity and elegance.

For information on how we can help you and your company, contact us.

Or read some of our articles on site-building considerations, talking with web developers for small, niche and micro business entrepreneurs, and demysitification of domain names, hosts, URLs etc.